Travel Jewelry Wrap

Fabric Collage "Travel Jewelry Wrap" - By Mary Maki Rae - 2009 (c)
Just finished this Idea for a Cushioned Wrap - to hold Jewelry when traveling ( A Seaside Retreat-?). Pictured is one of my "Garden Muses" - printed on Cotton Fabric - then Appliqued with a few other collected cotton pieces - onto a beautiful Striped Silk Backing. A casual - yet sophisticated "Look" for a "timeless" item that we all need on certain occaisions-!

The Jewelry Wrap folds into Three Layers - then ties neatly on three sides - Creating a Cushioned Pillow - so to speak.
When Opened out - it would easily hang near a Dressing Table or Wall Mirror - to Display a Collection of Earrings or Pins or other Treasures-! (The Blue-cast Porcelain Earrings & Bracelet are Russian - I think they look so great with this piece.)
Following are a Few Settings in which I think it would look Charming:

In a Romantic Cottage Bedroom - Translucent filet-work Lace covers the Window, Eave over the Bed, and the Bed itself - so Lovely-!

At a Linen covered Dressing Table - Ticking Striped Upholstery on a French Chair present an unpretentious Charm-!

Simple comforts suffice in a Cottage by the Sea
Images from:
"BEDROOMS -Private Worlds & Places to Dream"- By Kim Waller
"LIVING with LACE" By Bo Niles - Stewart, Tabori, & Chang -N.Y.


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