"Persian Garden " Bag - Cotton Fabric-10" x8-1/2" by Mary Maki Rae-2009

I Love sewing together these small bags (shown above) to use as Gifts or to hold Sewing Notions, Jewelry, Cosmetics, or Lingerie. (the uses are endless-!)
I usually quilt the fabrics that I use to reinforce them, which gives them a nice tactile effect.
Imagine my delight to find in this month's "World of Interiors" a feature on the intricately woven quilt-like material - MATELASSE-! (Mostly used for Bed Linens, Pillows, & Upholstery)
They are as lovely to the touch as pleasing to the Eyes-! Pricey, but well worth it, considering all the time saved with all that beautiful quilting all ready done-! See Samples Below:

All Images of MATELASSE Samples from: "World of Interiors" June-2009

Happy Sewing-!


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