The Finish Line - French "Country Style" Sofa & Chair #3

"May Garden Muse" with new Tea Cozy - By Mary Maki Rae - 2009

"May Garden Muse" with Tea Set & Flower Paintings - By Mary Maki Rae - 2009
I find Myself selecting Paintings that mysteriously relate to the "May Garden Muse" - At first it's the Colors - of course-! The Blue Background with the Pink-Orange-and Yellow Golds.
Then the striped and checked fabrics emerge - corresponding with her "Sun Dress". (Is She yearning for more Sunshine-?)

The White Porcelain and delicate Lace seem to reflect her fragility. (Yet at the same time - her confident dark blue eyes.)
I see a pleasant and necessary obsession here - a habitual searching for a new equation. (A new series of painting perhaps-?)

Meanwhile . . . The French Style Sofa & Chair are Completed - Looking lovely sitting there - waiting to be returned home. Our Client would like to finish the Cushions herself - So be it-! It should be quite Enjoyable-!

Mr. Fix It Shows the Side View of Sofa - Finished with Double-Piping Trim

The Ten Pieces cut-out for yet another "new" tea Cozy -- Something I find Practical & Nice to do with those lovely extra pieces of Fabric-!
Now time for a real Tea Break.


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