Fanciful Fabric Collage

Mannequin and Collages By Mary Maki Rae 2009 Copyright

What to do with a stack of saved small pieces of extra Canvas, a box of collected Fabrics, and some Vintage Buttons and Laces-? Think Green. . .! Now is the time, more than ever-!
I use the unsized canvas for backing on my "Fabric Collages" - It's also perfect for Handbags, Tea Cozies, Hot Pads, Aprons, and Decorative Pillows - It's endless-!
Also - find a small or medium sized Men's Denim shirt - preferably Light Blue. Shorten the Hem and Sleeves - then Applique Floral Motifs and a Touch of Lace at the Pocket - And you'll have a Feminine and comfortable cover-up-! My favorite to wear when Painting-!

I work from sketches and measurements - just like in Upholstery

"Blue Flower" Handbags - with "Rose in a French Shoe" Fabric Collage 11"x 12" By Mary Maki Rae 2009-Copyright

"Floral Caprice" Fabric Collage 12"x 18" By Mary Maki Rae - 2009 copyright

I love to use those "Mother of Pearl" vintage buttons as an accent in the Floral Collages and for Handbag closures - they shine with such an attractive soft glow-!


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