Black&White/Urban Chic

I've always been fascinated by the Power of Black&White as an accent containing dramatic effect. The way it's used in the following Interiors as a "total concept", is absolutely seductive and Beautiful-!

The Designer has used in this Living room, a Black-on-Black embossed wallpaper that set off not only a Stark White mantel, French Art Deco Sofas in White Muslin, and a Black& White Abstract Painting - But, also an Antique Chinese-inspired French Mirrors, a Venetian Chandelier, and a Carpet reminiscent of Aubrey Beardsley's Art-! And amazingly it All Works-!

Same Living room, seen from the other side - Nice touch to have the french doors open on to a terrace - for a feeling of "Freshness"-!

In the Sitting Room is another boldly graphic wallpaper with an interlocking Black and Gray Pattern - Which handsomely compliments a shell-encrusted commode.

The Designer: Renea Abbott - the owner of "Shabby Slips", a Houston-based Interiors Firm and Studio. Printed in Veranda - Nov-Des-2008


Two more Images follow of another striking Black and White Interior Design:

This Interior Design By New Yorker, Adrienne Vittadini - Printed in Veranda, October-2007

"Jester with Mask" By Mary Maki Rae - Carving by Robert Rae-All Rights Reserved 2009

Enjoy-! A little Fantasy never hurts once in a while-!
"Illusion is the greatest pleasure"
-Oscar Wilde


I absolutely loved that whole Verandah article (that place was gorgeous!!) and ripped it out and kept it for inspiration:)

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