Cut & Paste

Tis the Season to be thinking about some New Ornaments for the Christmas Tree . . . . with a Child-like Theme.
I start with Cutting & Pasting my hand-painted papers. . . . trying out some ideas. . . . Musical Dolls-?. . . .Musical Birds-?
A little Russian Doll - like an Angel emerges - with some friendly Woodpeckers balanced on her arms. . . . then a Christmas Tree. . . . Mittens. . . . and Stockings. . . .now its time to Embellish them with Vintage Buttons, Trims, and Custom Names.
I decide to give the little Russian Doll a Halo-!


pixielyn said…
I absolutely adore these. (I love pretty much 100% of all your art but these are especially adorable).

Thank you so much for sharing your art and all your work, I really admire your talent. I love the pictures in this post because you take the reader through the process. And you do such wonderful things with paper and these colors and paints etc. Just wonderful!!

Will you be doing this same theme this year? I cant wait to see more pictures!

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