Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas Decor

Making Bunting/Flags 
for your Christmas Tree

1- First choose Four different patterned Cotton fabrics of a medium weight that you like - and cut into 1/2 of a yard each.  For a Christmas Theme - I selected Three with different Red & White Patterns and One in the color Green with Gold Metallic Checks.

2- On a piece of cardboard - draw a Triangle Shape that measures: 3-1/4" at the base and 4" from the base to the top point. Cut the triangle out with a straight edge and an exact knife.  This will serve as the template for tracing down and cutting out the bunting/flags.

3- Layout the Fabric with the "wrong side" facing up - then Fold a 4" strip of the fabric at the bottom (as shown above).  Place your template on this folded strip - lining it up exactly along-side the fold.   Trace the triangle shape onto the fabric with a pen and then cut around the sides of template - making sure to leave Fold Intact.  Cut out as many as needed (5-6).
Continue the same procedure with each of the different Fabrics you have chosen - until you have a total of (18) Bunting Flags. 

Our Tree top Angel this year - 
before I attached her Wings.

4-  Place the Flags onto a 1/4" wide Ribbon that measures 3 Yards long.  
Leave 1-1/2" between each triangle Flag - alternating the four different Patterns.  Thread the Ribbon through both layers of the Flag at the top.
Then starting at the left hand side - sew across the top of the first flag - then turn the flag around clock-wise to each side to sew completely. Continue this method for each remaining Bunting flag.


These Bunting Flags looked Lovely on the Christmas Tree - 
Also as Decor for the Wall around a Mirror or Paintings-!


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